Origami in Action by Robert J. Lang, 158 pages, ISBN 0-312-15618-9.

This book uses a three star complexity rating (* = easy, ** = intermediate, *** = hard).

Black and white photos for each model.

For some models, the action mechanism is more important than their appearance, e.g. the butterflies, but there's also a 92 step Indian Paddling a Canoe!

Model Name Creator


# of Steps Info
Traditional Flapping Bird traditional * 16  
Randlett's Flapping Bird Samuel L. Randlett * 13 very nice; I actually like this one better than the traditional model because of a better action mechanism
Flapping Butterfly deg farelly * 12 from a 1x2 rectangle; doesn't much look like a butterfly...
Intermediate Butterfly deg farelly ** 11+6 with swallowtails on its wings; also doesn't much look like a butterfly...
Flapping Eagle Robert J. Lang ** 21 a very nice flapping bird - but sorry, because of the wings, it doesn't look like an eagle
Flapping Duck Robert J. Lang *** 35  
Flapping Crane Robert J. Lang *** 44  
Flapping Lovebirds Robert J. Lang ** 21 cute
Inflatable Waterbomb traditional * 14  
Blow-up Bunny traditional * 19 no feet
Sitting Bunny Robert J. Lang ** 23 feet; also a blow-up model
Inflatable Goldfish traditional, modified by Philip Shen * 15  
Folding Knife Robert J. Lang * 17 very innovative subject matter;-)
Barking Wolf Robert J. Lang * 18  
Gobbling Clam Robert J. Lang ** 25  
Talking Frogger Nick Robinson * 19  
Pecking Woodpecker Nick Robinson * 16  
Catapult adapted from traditional designs ** 17  
Cootie Catcher traditional * 10 includes instructions on how to use it
Harlequin Cootie Catcher Russell Cashdollar ** 16  
Talking Mouse Mask Robert J. Lang * 28 basically a cootie catcher with ears
Talking Dragon traditional * 15  
Kicking Frog Robert J. Lang ** 61  
Wagging Tail Doggie Robert J. Lang * 23  
Gliding Butterfly YAMAGUCHI Makoto * 11  
Hovercraft YAMAGUCHI Makoto * 8  
Boardsailor Nick Robinson * 16  
Rocking Sailboat Gay Merrill Gross ** 8+15 the first 8 steps show how to cut a rhombus from a square
Flying Fighter Robert J. Lang ** 50 for best flying performance, Robert Lang recommends using a paper clip
Clapping Seal Robert J. Lang * 29  
Swimming Manatee Robert J. Lang ** 30  
Kicking Otter Robert J. Lang *** 55 I folded this one in public, and the people watching me thought it looked like a dachshund...;-( Sorry. (They did say the photo in the book looked the same, though...)
Tyrannosaurus Rex Robert J. Lang *** 60 a dino head with very dangerous-looking teeth
Indian Paddling a Canoe Robert J. Lang *** 92  
Strumming Guitarist Robert J. Lang *** 67  
Fiddling Bassist Robert J. Lang *** 79 different from the bassist in Complete Book of Origami (and from a square)
Flasher J. Shafer & C. Palmer *** 12  
Spring into Action Jeff Beynon *** 29 from a 15 x 8 rectangle


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